Our Research

Engineering Expert is a research organization with deep domain knowledge in the area of our expertise. Our research focuses on the Mathematical modeling of Physical systems in the area of reliability, safety, energy and system engineering.

Completed Research Projects:

  • Reliability Study of unmanned Process Plant

  • Markov Analysis of unmanned Cryogenic Plant

  • Biofuel Policy Study

  • Combustion Modelling

  • Physiochemical Property Characterization of Hydrous Ethanol Blended Gasoline

Digital Twins

Current Research Projects

  • Remote Process Plant - IIOT Enabled Technologies

  • Risk Analysis of unmanned plants

  • Modelling Process units - Simulation Studies

  • Green Energy Technologies

  • The Road to Hydrogen

Pump Reliability - Simulation Study
Markov Analysis

Research Questions ?

  1. Environment: Global Warming, Climate Change, Energy crisis?

  2. Economics: How environmental changes affect economics?

  3. Research: How Point 1 & Point 2 above may force us to do fundamental research?

Idea Idée Idee

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